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    Journal — Alexa Chung

    Must Watch Fashion Documentaries

    Must Watch Fashion Documentaries

    Unfortunately, the world of fashion is riddled with many issues, from underpaid labour, to unsafe working conditions, to environmental destruction. Modern fashion supply chains span right across the globe, making it impossible for us to fathom the chaos. However, we need to keep in mind that it isn't fashion itself that is bad. It is only a small number of greedy individuals who have hijacked an industry that has the potential to bring happiness and joy from the farmer to the customer.

    So these documentaries in our opinion are several of the best out there to educate and inspire us to change the way the industry operates. We hope you will be inspired by watching these movies as either a student, a designer, a producer, a retailer or a consumer to take action.

    The True Cost

    The True Cost is one of the most compelling documentaries produced about the fashion industry. The film covers a wide range of issues the industry is grappling with. But the most defining factor about this film is that it goes beyond the fashion supply chain and calls out the root causes behind this destruction - materialism and capitalism. However, not all hope is lost. Through this movie you will get to know the people making a difference in the sector.


    Water sustains life on earth. Governments and scientists are spending billions of dollars looking for water in other planets. But we have the very resource here on earth, albeit being destroyed by our irresponsible business and consumption behaviour. RiverBlue with graphical evidence proves why the fashion industry is known to be the second most polluting industry after oil and gas. 

    Bitter Seeds

    You might wonder what a documentary about an agricultural crop has to do with fashion. Cotton is the single largest raw material used in clothing. It is also one of the most destructive crops, consuming the most amount of water, pesticides and insecticides of any agricultural crop. Also, it is probably the only crop that claims the lives of the farmers who grow them. Thanks to companies such as Monsanto which have trapped the Indian cotton farmer in a viscous cycle of debt and deceit, tens of thousands of farmers in India have committed suicide.

    The Next Black

    This documentary presents to its viewers the changes taking place in the fashion industry highlighting key trends emerging that will reshape the sector. Presented in 6 chapters - from wearable tech to cultured bio fabrics to mending damaged clothes - this documentary open us to the multitude of possibilities out there to change the way the industry is run today. 

    Alexa Chung Uncovers Fashion Industry Secrets

    It's not all doom and gloom in the fashion industry. Fashion has the power to bring happiness to those who make clothes as much as for those who wear it. The industry needs a new generation to revolutionise the way it operates. Alexa Chung presents in a two part series the many wheels that turn behind the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry. A very engaging series it will give anyone considering an entry into the world of fashion a taste of its demands and rewards. If you should decide to enter the world of fashion, keep in mind to make it a fair and equitable one from farmer to consumer and our environment.

    Special mention....

    Goes to Remake, a social enterprise igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good. Their original documentary footage brings you face to face with the women who make our clothes. They share facts and stories to help you break up with fast fashion and provide seasonal curated collections to remake your closet with fashion that respects women and our planet.