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Inspired by a 300 Year Old Tradition

Inspired by a 300 Year Old Tradition

The traditional artisans of Henavala, Sri Lanka who hand weave the mats used in each and every Kantala product are the heart and soul of each Kantala product. Completed with vegan materials, each Kantala product is tribute to their pride, passion and artistic perfection.

Join our IndieGoGo campaign as we take a giant leap beyond Sri Lanka and to the world!

Designed for the Modern Consumer

Designed for the Modern Consumer

At Kantala we make fashion accessories that reflect and enhance your taste and personality.

Our colours are inspired by Sri Lanka's vibrant island culture while the simple, tasteful and functional designs that retain the splendour of the handwoven Hana mats are the essence of every Kantala product. 

Influenced by Nature

Influenced by Nature

"Kantala" / kæntǝla: / is named after the Sanskrit word for the hana plant - the core material that is used to create all of our products.

The hana plant (Agave cantala) is a sustainable plant with a signature rosette of thick leaves which can reach up to 2 meters in length. The leaves yield a fine fibre, and this is the main material that we use to weave our distinct Kantala products.

Fusion of Vegan Materials

Fusion of Vegan Materials

Kantala’s primary material is the fibre extracted from the regrowing hana plant which is dyed using OEKO Tex 100 and ISO certified dyes or natural dyes.

Fair Trade guaranteed handloom, Piñatex™ - a pineapple fibre based leather alternative - and up-cycled materials are used to complete your Kantala product.

Our Trading Principles

  • A Fair Price

    We pay the traditional artisans of Henavala 15% above the inflation adjusted “rural income receiver’s mean income per month”.

  • Timely Payment

    On average, payments are made to the traditional artisans of Henavala within 9.5 days of receiving the invoice. 

  • Open Dialogue

    At all times we maintain open communication with the traditional artisans of Henavala, sharing knowledge and information.

  • Good Market Approved Vendor

    Kantala is a Good Market, Sri Lanka approved vendor. That means we are certified as a "good for people - good for planet" organisation. Visit our profile at

  • PETA Approved Vegan

    All our products available for purchase online are PETA Approved Vegan. That means no animals were harmed in the process of making these products.

About Us

Thank you visiting our website. In order to sustain Kantala and give the traditional artisans of Henavala the recognition they deserve for protecting and perfecting the beautiful handwoven mats we are taking a giant leap beyond the shores of Sri Lanka.

Please visit our campaign page on IndieGoGo and back our project to be part of our journey. Your support will mean a lot to us at Kantala and the traditional artisans of Henavala. We hope you will love owning and using your Kantala product as much as we love making them for you. You can read more about how we started Kantala in our "Journey" page.

Thank you!

~ Vikum & Nadishan ~