Sustainable Sourcing Award

Nadishan and I have been running Kantala for over 3 years now and a lot of our initial work with the brand was setting up the supply chain. From the very outset both of us were conscious of putting in place a sourcing plan that respects our environment and people. 

Our core material, the hana fibre, is sourced from a sustainable plant. This means as we harvest the leaves from the plant, it continues to regrow. We introduced environmentally friendly materials such as OEKO Tex 100 Standard and ISO certified reactive dyes to colour the hana fibre for our products while sourcing other materials such as handloom from Sri Lanka's only Fair Trade guaranteed handloom manufacturer. We also tapped into new sectors to secure up-cycled materials such as coconut shells. 

So when we received the "Sustainable Sourcing Award 2016" from the Good Market back in January 2017, we were pretty ecstatic. It was a great motivator to see our efforts being recognised by the Good Market but it also provided us an indication that we are heading in the right direction.

There is a lot to be done in 2017 to convert the efforts over the last couple of years into a sustainable long-term venture. Starting off 2017 with the "Sustainable Sourcing Award" has certainly given us added motivation. Thank you Good Market for the recognition.

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