Our Commitment in the Face of COVID19

Our Commitment in the Face of COVID19

In a matter of weeks, COVID19 has plunged the world into a state of uncertainty and fear like never known before. Throughout the world, medical professionals are fighting day and night to treat the ill while authorities and essential services are working hard to keep the rest of us safe. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them every day.

The rest of us remain confined to our homes under nationwide lockdowns. Here in Sri Lanka, we've been under a nationwide curfew since March 20th. Whilst this has helped to reduce the spread of COVID19, it's already had a significant impact on the socially and economically vulnerable communities in the country. Amongst these communities are traditional craftspeople who depend on small businesses to continue supporting them with work.

Unfortunately, with the prevailing global conditions we at Kantala have seen our revenue disappear. However, for Nadishan and I the purpose of starting Kantala was to preserve and promote Sri Lanka's traditional crafts and we resolutely stand by this purpose even now. Our artisans have inspired Nadishan and I with their sincerity, passion and enthusiasm to overcome obstacles faced in the past. Today, it is from these same values that we draw inspiration to remain by their side so we all see this through together. 

Their wellbeing is our primary concern right now. We remain in frequent contact with our chief artisan to make sure all our artisans are healthy and safe. We are helping them to make sense of COVID-19's impact on society, on our economies and its likely long term effects.

We have slashed our budgets in order to stretch our finances as long as possible to support our artisans while keeping Kantala afloat. We have already started distributing a fortnightly food package put together in consultation with our chief artisan in addition to a small financial package.

In these uncertain times, we don't know what the next week will hold let alone next month. But we will continue our mission to protect and promote our traditional artisans through the vegan handbags we make and love to see you use and enjoy. We will be here to face a world after COVID19 with renewed hope and passion for our people and planet. We hope you too will be there to join us. Until then, please do stay safe and all of us at Kantala send our strength, positive energy and love to all of you. 

Thank you and sincerely,






All images were taken prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

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