Guest Post: Vegan Bag Kantala - Classy & Stylish

Guest Post: Vegan Bag Kantala - Classy & Stylish

In this journal entry we feature a guest post by one of our favourite influencers, Samanta Bullock. Read more about Samanta at the end of this journal entry.  


Fashion as a way of life for someone like me cannot be overemphasised, the intrinsic nature of my love for fashion keep driving me toward using unique, original and very quality products that raise the confidence level. As a fashion enthusiast and lover of beautiful thing that promote personal appearance, and all it brings as empowerment and confidence. As for me, my style is very important, having a right bag in the right place at the right time can be fun when you do it with class and style.

The hunger to have a very unique, original and top-notch quality handbag drove me to an online store, my expectation was high and when encountering them I saw the reason why I was so fascinated about being there at all cost. The shop in question is KANTALA that makes VEGAN BAG. The bag was my “special and sole assistant” at the @rawfestuk. The most interesting part of this particular bag is the beauty it adds to your outing and coming in different colours that are eco-friendly.

This bag is very light and easy to carry, if you are in a wheelchair I’m recommending this for you as it has been tested and trusted. It body friendly. You can visit their webpage here to check out different VEGAN BAGS available and the one that suits your taste. They are gorgeous.

Visit my IG page also to check the one I used when I was at Raw Fest.

Love Sam x


About Samanta Bullock: Samanta is a wheelchair model and influencer based in London, UK. She is an activist for fashion and inclusion, documenting her own style via her Instagram profile. She's frequented prestigious fashion events such as the London Fashion Week and Fashions Finest. Samanta is a former wheelchair tennis number 1 from Brazil and winner of a silver medal at Para Pan Am in 2007. 

Photo credits: Bartek Odias

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